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About Soydance
Soydance was born1997 into an industry that had lost its drive, its passion and its direction. 
We changed that.
In 2000 Soydance was created by a group of people obsessed with American, British , Japanese and Turkish influences within the world of fashion, street culture and music.
We had arrived.
Because of our commitment to creating product that people don’t just want but need our global growth has never been achieved before by a label with Turkish roots.
We will never change that.
Our challenge is to move our future collections into all areas important to the lifestyle of our growing global followers. 
We promise that.
Our collections will continue to push the boundaries on design, trends, graphics and diversity.
We know that.
Our presence within television, press, music and social media will continue to grow as it has since 2000
We pioneer that.

We are adored by the rich & famous around the world. 

We are admired and loved by our global customers

We are envied and despised by our rivals.

We are Soydance.

And Soydance clothes  not for ordinary people 

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